Invited Talk
Asst. Prof. George Papagiannakis
"Presence and Interaction in Mixed Reality"
University of Crete, Greece
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14h00 - 18h30

Welcome & Registration

Session 1: EU project Haptex

18h30 - 19h30

Haptic interaction with garments
Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, MIRALab, University of Geneva, Switzerland



Session 2: Research in 3DLife EU project

09h00 - 09h30

CyberEmotions Project
Prof. Janusz Holyst, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

09h30 - 09h55

3D Realistic Animation of a Tennis Player
Mustafa Kasap, Matthias Hollander, Anil Aksay, Philip Kelly, David Monaghan, Ciaran O Conaire, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann,Tamy Boubekeur, Ebroul Izquierdo and Noel E. O’Connor

09h55 - 10h20

Camera network using MIMO Y channel model and its application to sports activity analysis
Seung-Won Jung, Byungju Lee, Byonghyo Shim, and Sung-Jea Ko

10h20 - 10h50

Coffee Break

10h50 - 11h15

Robust 3D Tracking in Tennis Videos
Anil Aksay, Vlado Kitanovski, Karthikeyan Vaiapury, Efstathios Onasoglou, Juan Diego Pérez-Moneo Agapito, Petros Daras and Ebroul Izquierdo

11h15 - 11h40

State-of-the-art algorithms for Complete 3D Model Reconstruction
Georgios Kordelas, Juan Diego Perez-Moneo Agapito, Jesϊs M.Vegas Hernandez and Petros Daras

11h40 – 12h05

MPEG-4 FAPs Applied to Humanoid Robot Head
Maher Ben Moussa, Zerrin Kasap, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, David Hanson

12h05 - 17h30

Informal Meetings

17h30 – 17h55

System for the Automated Segmentation of Heads from Arbitrary Background
Benjamin Prestele, David C. Schneider and Peter Eisert

Session 3: Tutorial

17h55 - 19h25

Presence and Interaction
Asst. Prof. George Papagiannakis, University of Crete, Greece



Session 4: Simulating Emotional Crowds

09h00 - 10h00

Crowd Simulation
Prof. Daniel Thalmann, EPFL, Switzerland

10h00 - 10h30

Two Aspects of Emotion in Virtual Crowds
Dr. Stéphane Gobron, EPFL, Switzerland

10h30 - 11h00

Coffee Break

Session 5: Modeling Emotions in Cyberspace

11h00 - 11h25

Let me see you walk, so I can know how you feel: Canonical parameters for the expression of emotions during locomotion
Martin Inderbitzin, Aleksander Valjamae, Jose Maria Blanco Calvo, Paul FMJ Verschure and Ulysses Bernardet

11h25 - 11h50

Asymmetrical Facial Expressions based on an Advanced Interpretation of Two-dimensional Russells Emotional Model 
Junghyun Ahn, Stéphane Gobron, Quentin Silvestre and Daniel Thalmann

11h50 - 12h15

Sentiment analysis of informal textual communication in cyberspace
Georgios Paltoglou, Stéphane Gobron, Marcin Skowron, Mike Thelwall and Daniel Thalmann  

Session 6: Closing session and follow up

12h15 – 12h30

Closing Remarks
Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann